The EU’s ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy: Genetic engineering is not sustainable

- The EU Commission’s new ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy includes addressing a possible role for ‘new innovative techniques’ such as biotechnology to strengthen sustainability and reduce pesticides. It also mentions an ongoing study by the Commission that will supposedly examine the potential of ‘new genomic techniques’ to improve sustainability in the food supply.

“Genetic engineering is not sustainable; on the contrary. Europe does not need any genetic engineering, either old or ‘new genomic techniques”’, comments VLOG Managing Director Alexander Hissting. Heike Moldenhauer, EU Policy Advisor for VLOG, adds: “The agrochemical lobby has done a thorough job; the EU Commission here names biotechnology as the single specific technology and on top of that reinterprets the purpose of the EU genetic engineering study as allegedly intended to examine the potential of new genetic engineering for more sustainability or even pesticide reduction.”