At present VLOG is the only collective voice representing the interests of those businesses that support GMO-free food, whether they are agricultural producers, food manufacturers, or retail chains who have a prominent public profile and engage with “the public”, i.e. with governmental authorities, civil society and the media.
For almost two decades repeated surveys have reported that between 70 and 80% of German consumers prefer GMO-free food. VLOG enables its members and licensees to communicate to consumers in a standardized way if food products sold in supermarkets are produced without the use of genetic engineering and without GMOs.

VLOG’s members and licensees are mostly based in Germany and a list of their names is openly available on this website and updated regularly. This list also contains members and licensees from other countries. The reasons for non-German operators to become VLOG members may range from the fact that they supply to German customers, to their desire to use the "Ohne GenTechnik" seal on products marketed in Germany, or in other EU or non-EU countries. For more detailed reasons see the section User Benefit on this web site.