Commercial User Benefit

By becoming a VLOG member and/or a licensee of the “Ohne GenTechnik” seal, users will support the work of VLOG and will participate in the following benefits:

Access to important and updated information enabling members to...:

  • exchange information and experience with other members,
  • access availability of raw materials and ingredients
  • select recommended specialized certification bodies
  • receive information on qualified specialists and consultants (e.g., law firms specializing in food law).

Use of the “Ohne GenTechnik” seal and thereby …

  • offering consumers the opportunity to make an informed choice
  • assuring the consumer that they are getting the purity of food they require
  • showing the public that a manufacturer or brand owner cares
  • meeting often-expressed consumer preference.

Additional weight for an industry voice …

  • towards governmental authorities
  • towards suppliers of raw materials and ingredients
  • towards the public, i.e. consumers, civil society and media.

Special aspects for seal users based outside of Germany

Food producers based outside Germany, even in countries without their own equivalent national regulations, may use the “Ohne GenTechnik” seal. This seal of assurance will not only bring benefits to producers marketing within Germany, but also add commercial advantage to producers marketing in other EU countries.

VLOG can provide a short list of several law firms experienced in German and EU food law in general and in biotech food law in particular. For a manufacturer or producer, to embark on OG labeling, it might be advisable to obtain some initial legal advice.