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VLOG "Ohne Gentechnik" Standard

With the strong support of numerous stakeholders, the VLOG has developed a uniform "GMO-free" production and testing standard. This standard was designed together with representatives of producers of animal feed and food industry, certification bodies, interest groups and public representatives. It supports production facilities in the implementation of the legal requirements of "GMO-free" labeling and establishes uniform inspections for certification companies. The standard is available free as a download.

VLOG "Ohne Gentechnik" Standard

At 07.11.2017 the 5th version 18.01 of the Standard was published. Since 1 January 2014, the application of the Standard for obtaining a license for the use of the seal „Ohne GenTechnik " has been compulsory.

In addition to the Standard f.e. facility descriptions and checklists are being provided. For certifications according to the VLOG „Ohne Gentechnik" Standard, the content of the VLOG facility descriptions needs to be captured. However, own templates can be used. Even with the checklists, it is possible to use your own documents, however, the content of the checklists (regarding audit data) and the text of the control points must be copied 1:1. For all other attachments of the Standard it can be deviated from the documents made ​​available as long as the same content is transported only in another form.

Certification bodies issuing certificates that are used as prima facie evidence for the VLOG have to enter into an agreement with the VLOG.

VLOG exclusively accepts analysis results from laboratories that are recognized by VLOG.

Standard Usage Agreement (Processing time: 2 weeks)

It is necessary to realize a contract (Standard Usage Agreement) between the standard body (VLOG) and the company that gets certified. The contract regulates the use of the VLOG-Standard. Once it is mutually signed, it will be presented by the company during the audit or sent to the appropriate certification body. Only after having done so a certificate can be issued.

Standard Usage Agreement (formerly Certification Agreement) incl Master Data Sheet

Master Data Sheet (editable version)

Please send us the contract twice printed and signed in original via postal mail. You will get a countersigned version back. The data sheet can be sent as single version.

VLOG-Standard V19.01 (valid from 01/01/19)

"Ohne Gentechnik" Production and Certification Standard, Version 19.01 (text document excl. Annexes) (updated 16.05.19 because of translation mistake)

"Ohne Gentechnik" Production and Certification Standard, Version 19.01 (complete document incl. Annexes) (updated on 16.05.19 because of translation mistake and updated annexes)

Standard Revision Information

Individual annexes:

Annex I_- GMO-Free Certificate  writable

Annex II - Certificate for ohne Gentechnik Compliant Feeding of Animals  writable

Annex III - Sampling Log writable (updated 28.12.18)

Annex IV - Requirements for the Scope of Test (updated 07.06.19)

Annex V - Dealing with positive test results (feed)

Annex VI - Dealing with positive test results (food)

Annex VII - Reduction of the Scope of Testing after Changing Feed in Group Organisations

Annex_VIII_- VLOG Group Certification Process at the Agriculture Stage

Annex IX - VLOG Matrix and Certification Process

Annex_X -_Sanctions Catalogue

Annex_XI -_VLOG Certificate Template  writable

Annex_XII_- Areas of Application of VLOG Certification

Annex_XIII_- Facility Description Logistics  writable

Annex XIV - Checklist Logistics  writable

Annex_XV_- Facility Description Feed Manufacturing  writable

Annex XVI - Checklist Feed Manufacturing writable (updated 07.02.19)

Annex XIV + XVI - Checklist Logistics + Feed Manufacturing  writable (updated 07.02.19)

Annex XVII - Facility Description Mobile Grinding and Mixing Facilities  writable

Annex XVIII - Matrix Description and List of Sites  writable

Annex XIX - Checklist Matrix Organisation  writable

Annex XX - Facility Description Agriculture  writable

Annex_XXI_- Facility Description Animal Transportation- Livestock Trade  writable

Annex XXII  - Checklist Agriculture incl. Animal Transportation- Livestock Trade  writable

Annex XXIII - Group Description in Agriculture and Members List  writable

Annex XXIV - Checklist Group organisation  writable

Annex_XXV_- Facility Description Food Processing/Preparation  writable (updated 28.12.18)

Annex XXVI - Checklist FoodProcessing/Preparation  writable

Annex XXVII - Group Descriptionin Retail and Members List  writable

Annex XXVIII - Checklist Retail - Bulk Goods  writable

Annex XXIX - Grinding and Mixing Protocol for Mobile Grinding and Mixing Facilities  writable