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VLOG Newsletter 04/22 .:. July


Dear readers,

with our annual General Assembly and the subsequent expert-public "Ohne Gentechnik" Symposium, a double major event of the VLOG year is behind us. We would like to thank all internal and external contributors who helped to make it a success!

On the other hand, the public consultation on the planned EU amendment on GMOs has not yet been completed. Direct participation of as many "Ohne Gentechnik" [Non-GMO] businesses as possible is extremely important. Please take some time for this before your summer holiday! There is a very good consultation offer on this from ENGA in Brussels.

There are some further positive signals regarding feed availability. Nevertheless, we are preparing for all scenarios.

We wish you a nice summer!
Your VLOG team

VLOG General Assembly and Symposium: Executive Board confirmed

On 6 July 2022, this year's VLOG General Assembly (GA) took place in Berlin. The incumbent Executive Board members were confirmed. In the afternoon, for the first time, there was also an "Ohne Gentechnik" (Non-GMO) Symposium, open also to the industry public.

Participate NOW in EU consultation on new genetic engineering!

Until 22 July 2022, every individual and every business can participate in the EU consultation on the planned new genetic engineering regulation. Especially companies from the "Ohne Gentechnik" (Non-GMO) sector should definitely take advantage of this opportunity.

Feed availability: VLOG rules for the exceptional case

Since the onset of the Ukraine war, the availability of non-GMO animal feed has also been an issue. By now, it has become clear that sufficient feed is available in the short and medium run. Nevertheless, in order to be prepared for all scenarios, VLOG has prepared a set of rules. Feedback from the authorities is still outstanding.

Significantly more non-GMO soybean cultivation in Brazil

Brazil plans to increase non-GMO soybean acreage by 24 percent for the 2022/23 crop to meet demand from Europe. That's another good sign for the availability of non-GMO feed.

Revision of the Standard Usage Agreement

In the next few weeks, VLOG will publish a new version of the Standard Usage Agreement. From the date of the announcement, companies with an existing Standard Usage Agreement will also have to sign the new version. The new version of the Standard Usage Agreement will be sent electronically to the already registered companies for signature from summer 2022. For organisational reasons, not all standard users will be contacted at the same time; the new conclusion of contracts will take place over many months.


Event on New Genetic Engineering of the Action Alliance Civil Courage Miesbach
14 Juli 2022, 7:30 p.m., Hotelgasthof Bräuwirt, Marktplatz 3, 83714 Miesbach, Germany

(with VLOG Executive Board member Bernhard Stoll)


New seal users & members

New "Ohne GenTechnik" seal users

- Midsona Deutschland GmbH

- Landwirtschaftsbetrieb Sven Sangel

New "VLOG geprüft" seal users

- Gesellschaft für Tierernährung mbH

New VLOG members

- Freisl Kraftfutter GmbH

- Kaisermühle Gänheim Otmar Kaiser GmbH

- Bioland e.V.

- Meyerhof zu Bakum GmbH

- VFI Oils for Life Deutschland GmbH

- VFI GmbH

- GOETE - Gesellschaft für ökologische Tierernährung e.V.

- Gut Rosenkrantz Bio-Futter GmbH & Co.KG

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