Certified businesses

Around 3,800 companies use the VLOG Standard to date. Over 15,000 products are marked with the "Ohne GenTechnik" seal. Here you can find the latest seal users and members as well as a current total overview of members and licensees.

New seal users

Compagnie des fromages et Richesmonts (CF&R) SCA: „Ohne GenTechnik“ seal for cheese, since 02 December 2021

PITTARAS NIKOLAOS EMM.: „Ohne GenTechnik“ seal for milk products, since 04 November 2021

Selko B.V.: „VLOG geprüft“ seal for feed, since 04 November 2021

Imkerei Frank Bareuther: „Ohne GenTechnik“ seal for honey, since 29 October 2021

New VLOG members

Viehhandlung Buckel Johann: since 18 October 2021

All VLOG members and seal users

VLOG licensees and members (09 December 2021)