VLOG trainings concept

VLOG auditor training courses are conducted on behalf of VLOG by Quant Qualitätssicherung GmbH (Quant QS). They cover the VLOG certification system and specific requirements of the VLOG Standard. The trainings also provide time for questions, suggestions and case studies. While the initial training courses focus primarily on the basic system of VLOG certification, the advanced training courses cover changes as well as refreshing forgotten information and explaining common mistakes.

At the end of the training, the acquired knowledge is tested in an exam. Passing is a prerequisite for being admitted to the VLOG system (e.g. performing VLOG audits, evaluating VLOG audits).

The VLOG trainings are live trainings where the auditors are present in person. The maximum number of participants per training is ten. Initial training courses can also be held by Quant QS as in-house training courses (e.g. at a certification body).

The training courses are spread evenly over the year (at least one initial training course and follow-up training course per quarter) and usually take place in conference hotels. Overnight accommodation is organised by the participants or the certification body itself.

VLOG training concept (01 January 2022)