Supervision: Integrity program by VLOG

VLOG's integrity program includes various measures to ensure the quality and correct implementation of the current "Ohne Gentechnik" production and testing standard at our system participants. To this end, VLOG or third parties commissioned by VLOG carry out checks within the framework of so-called integrity audits to verify whether the requirements of the standard are being met.

VLOG integrity verification audits

In a verification audit, conformity with the VLOG Standard is checked at the following standard participants:

Licensees of the "Ohne GenTechnik" or the "VLOG verified" seal

VLOG certified companies

The selection of companies is based, among other things, on risk or on the basis of complaints and suspicious cases. The following aspects, among others, are taken into account when selecting companies:

  • Risk rating
  • Complaints, incidents
  • Geographical location
  • Setting of an annual industry focus by VLOG
  • A certification body or auditor is in the focus of the audit

The audit is generally carried out in accordance with the current "Ohne Gentechnik" production and testing standard. The procedure can be individually adapted depending on the company and audit findings. The documentation of the audit takes place via the current VLOG checklist(s) of the corresponding level(s) and is sent to the company after the audit.

In case of deviations, corrective measures and deadlines are set by the company within a maximum of four weeks and are also documented in the checklist. The company sends proof of the implementation of corrective measures to integrity(at)ohnegentechnik(dot)org.

Finally, the audit results including the checklist are handed over to the responsible VLOG approved certification body.

If possible in the respective company, samples are also taken during the verification audit. The samples are analyzed for genetically modified organisms in a VLOG recognised laboratory at the expense of VLOG. The test reports are subsequently made available to the company and can be counted towards the number of analyses required in the self-monitoring system according to the VLOG Standard.

VLOG certification body audits

A certification body audit checks whether the work of the certification body conforms to the VLOG Standard and the "Guide for certification bodies, auditors, assessors and certifiers".

The certification bodies to be audited are selected on a rotating basis every four years. In the event of suspicious circumstances, complaints or sanctions, auditing may take place outside this principle.

The audit is divided into two parts. In the first part, the requirements according to the VLOG Standard are cross-checked. The second part relates to the evaluation and discussion of selected case studies. For this purpose, the documents submitted by the certification body are randomly checked by VLOG in advance.

In case of deviations, the certification body submits a corrective action plan, which must be confirmed by VLOG within a maximum of four weeks. Evidence of the implementation of corrective measures is sent by the certification body to integrity(at)ohnegentechnik(dot)org.