Requirements for the “Ohne GenTechnik” seal

In principle, any company that meets the requirements of the EC Genetic Engineering Implementation Act (EG-Gentechnik-Durchführungsgesetz / EGGenTDurchfG) can label its products with the "Ohne GenTechnik" seal or the words "Ohne Gentechnik".

For this, the companies must credibly demonstrate that their products meet the legal requirements according to §3a and §3b of the EGGenTDurchfG. This requires certification according to the VLOG Standard or a standard recognized by VLOG as equivalent by an independent certification body. The requirements vary depending on the industry and product.

Leaflet on the use of the "Ohne GenTechnik" seal (14.04.2020) in german language

In order for the Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik to award the seal, the applicant must complete a questionnaire and submit relevant documents.

Apply for the "Ohne GenTechnik" seal