Requirements for the VLOG certification

Companies that want to be certified according to the VLOG Standard must meet certain requirements. This is checked on-site by a certification body at the start of certification and regularly thereafter.

The aim of these inspection points is to minimize the risk of a violation of the German EC Genetic Engineering Implementation Act (EG-Gentechnik-Durchführungsgesetz) and thus to ensure the safety of "Ohne Gentechnik" production.

  • Current operating description with the most important operating data
  • Comprehensive up-to-date risk management
  • Crisis management for dealing with infringements and GMO
  • System for separation of VLOG goods and other goods
  • Traceability of goods and animals
  • Regular training of employees
  • Performing sampling and GMO analysis (depending on area of activity and risk)
  • Documentation and record keeping
  • Compliance with the minimum feeding period in animal husbandry
  • Risk assessment of raw materials in the field of feed production and food processing
  • Separate requirements for mobile grinding and mixing facilities
  • The contractual relationship between group and matrix organisers and their members

Testing and evaluation of the requirements

In the audit, the certification body checks which requirements are fully, partially or not at all fulfilled on the basis of the corresponding VLOG checklist. The result decides whether a company is issued a certificate or not. Corrective measures must be defined and implemented for all major and minor deviations.

Particularly important test points - such as traceability and crisis management - are defined in the VLOG Standard as knock-out requirements. If a major violation takes place here, this immediately leads to the withdrawal of the VLOG certificate. If a company with a K.O. rating wants to re-enter the VLOG certification, a new audit must be carried out to check whether the deviations have been eliminated.