Registration piglet rearing

In order to be able to count the "Ohne Gentechnik" compliant feeding of non-VLOG-certified piglet rearers towards the minimum feeding period of VLOG fattening pigs, piglet rearers must be registered with VLOG as of 01.01.2021 (see VLOG Standard chapter E1).

VLOG certified fattening farms that raise piglets under the same company name and do not give them to other VLOG farms, but only use them in their own VLOG fattening, do not have to carry out an additional registration.

If you have any questions about registration, please feel free to contact info(at)ohnegentechnik(dot)org.

Registration agreement incl. master data sheet for the registration of rearing farms - writeable (29 March 2021)

Facility description for registered companies - writeable (08 December 2020)

VLOG recognition and registration fee schedule (01 January 2021)

Information Certification-Obligation for Rearing Piglets (31 May 2021)