Development of the VLOG Standard

In order to keep the VLOG Standard up to date and to further specify and improve requirements, the VLOG Standard is in a constant revision process.

The Standard Technical Working Group

The Standard Technical Working Group advises the VLOG executive board on the further development of the VLOG Standard. In order to incorporate the knowledge of the upstream and downstream sectors of food production into the standard, each sector is represented by two representatives.

A prerequisite for participation in the Standard Technical Working Group is that the company is a member of the VLOG association. The members, who are determined within their industries, are appointed for two years by the VLOG executive board.

Current list of members of the VLOG Standard Technical Working Group (28 February 2023)

Comments from companies and certification bodies as well as current developments in the industries are important for the further development of the VLOG Standard. The VLOG maintains a close relationship with industry representatives and companies and welcomes input from the industry in order to further develop the requirements in a practical manner.

A new Standard is developed every one to two years. Publication takes place on September 1 of each year, and the new Standard then becomes mandatory on January 1 of the following year. In the period between September 1 and January 1, new annexes and documents may already be used. In addition, the new Standard may already be used for audits if this has been agreed between the company and the certification body.