VLOG Mission Statement

What does VLOG stand for? What do we wish to achieve? In our Mission Statement, we describe our self-concept, our goals and our basic principles. The VLOG team and two members of the Executive Board in the name of the membership have jointly developed the following four segments in an intensive, multi-stage process.

With the “Ohne GenTechnik” seal, VLOG enables consumers to make informed decisions in favour of foods produced without the use of genetically modified organisms.

We thereby create transparency regarding genetic engineering in food and agriculture as well as uniform conditions for businesses in all sales markets.

Our reliable certification system – which is constantly being refined – stands behind every product labelled with our seal. Independent control bodies monitor the production chain from feed production to food retailing.

We are working on the progressive harmonisation of standards in Germany and Europe. In so doing, we exchange information with other standard-setters and create an increasingly stable net in the “Ohne Gentechnik” sector.

Our vision is a GMO-free agriculture and food industry.

Responsibility for people and the environment

The sustainable and responsible use of resources of all kinds is the focus of our everyday lives. In our exchanges with colleagues and partners, we act appreciatively and respectfully. Different opinions and approaches enrich our way of thinking and our actions.

Transparency and equality

Transparency is a key component of our mission. It shapes our everyday work, including our decision-making processes. We listen to each other, see and accept our differences and consciously perceive them as strengths. Fairness and equality are the basis of constructive collaboration for us, both internally and externally.

Representation of interests

As the main point of contact in Germany in the GMO-free food and agriculture area, we represent the interests of the “Ohne Gentechnik” economy sector. All the members of our industry association can voice their concerns. We make fundamental decisions jointly and democratically. Our goal is to reconcile, amalgamate and jointly represent these diverse concerns in the best way possible – a challenge that spurs us on.


As an independent association, we give businesses the opportunity to make their commitment to GMO-free agriculture visible and to advertise their products with the government-initiated “Ohne GenTechnik” seal. We thereby mediate between the interests of businesses and consumers. As a service provider, we are available to advise on all matters regarding certification and seal use.


Our partners’ needs are the focus of our work. We are continually developing, both professionally and personally, in order to meet these needs in the best way possible.

Culture of feedback, constructive conflict management and “no-blame”

We seek to prevent conflict through our healthy culture of feedback. If conflict nevertheless occurs, we actively address it. Errors are part of everyday working life. We see them as an opportunity for improvement and innovation and we learn from them for the future.

Participative organisational development

We are an organisation that learns and evolves, as needed, through transparent, cross-hierarchical processes. All employees are given the opportunity to contribute and help shape topics.