About us

Seal assignment and forum of interest for food without genetic engineering

The German Association for Food without Genetic Engineering (Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik e.V.) [VLOG] assigns the "Ohne GenTechnik" seal for food and the "VLOG geprüft" seal for animal feed. This is our best-known task. But VLOG is more than just a seal organization. In the association, people are committed to the production of food without genetic engineering. Its member companies include farms, processors, marketers, food and feed manufacturers and trading companies, as well as consultancies, associations and private individuals.


The VLOG represents the interests of its members vis-à-vis authorities, politics, the media and also other economic operators. The aim of the association's work is to promote the dissemination of the "Ohne Gentechnik" label and the associated consumer information. In addition, companies and farmers are to be supported in the production and marketing of "Ohne Gentechnik" foods.

Consumers can then decide for themselves whether they want to support GMO-free agriculture by purchasing these foods.