For certifiers

Certification in accordance with the VLOG Standard is achieved through regular checks by independent certification bodies, which verify the correct implementation of the VLOG requirements on site at the companies. The expertise and independent controls of the certification bodies thus make a significant contribution to safeguarding "Ohne Gentechnik" production.

Only certification bodies recognized by VLOG may be commissioned with certification according to the VLOG Standard. Only VLOG certificates or attestations from these certification bodies are accepted by VLOG as the basis for granting a license for the "Ohne GenTechnik" and/or "VLOG geprüft" seal.


Certification bodies must meet a number of requirements and be recognized by VLOG in order to issue valid VLOG certificates



All information and documents for a successful application for recognition as a VLOG certification body


Recognized certification bodies

All certification bodies recognized by VLOG with contact addresses



VLOG auditor training information