Possibilities to use the "VLOG geprüft" seal

The "VLOG geprüft" seal can be used in various contexts: on products, for advertising purposes in connection with the company name and for editorial purposes. Depending on the intended use, the VLOG places different requirements on the seal user, which you can find out about below.

Before products are labelled with the seal "VLOG geprüft" (“VLOG verified”), an application for seal usage must be submitted and a Licence Agreement concluded with VLOG.

The trademark is exhausted as soon as a Licence Agreement has been concluded for a product and it is traded without any further processing or packaging step (e.g. if a product already licensed by the manufacturer is shown in the leaflet by the feed trader). In this case, no further application for seal usage needs to be made and no Licence Agreement needs to be concluded with VLOG

The prerequisite for applying for a licence is compliance with the specifications in the Regulations Governing Use of the EU Certification Mark / in the VLOG Standard and the existence of a valid certification according to the VLOG Standard or a standard recognised as equivalent by VLOG.

Labelling of products is considered to be:

1. Labelling of product packaging
2. Labelling of products on bills of lading
3. Labelling of products on websites and in other promotional materials (e.g. product data sheets, leaflets, catalogues, transport vehicles etc.)
4. Indirect labelling of products through promotional materials at the point of sale (e.g. displays, stand-up displays, shelf disruptors etc.)

The impression must not be created that the seal refers to non-licensed products.

If a company wishes to advertise its certification according to the VLOG Standard (e.g. on letterhead, in the sustainability report, for the presentation of quality standards on the website), the seal may be used after concluding a Licence Agreement.


When using the seal for editorial, non-promotional purposes, no Licence Agreement is required.

When using the seal in teaching materials, approval of the layout by the VLOG office via layout(at)ohnegentechnik(dot)org is required.

The "VLOG geprüft" seal may also be used in connection with feed marketed outside Germany. In addition to the German version of the seal, an English version is also available: "VLOG verified". Further translations are not permitted.