Standards recognised as equal

Depending on the production stage, some standards are recognised by VLOG as equivalent to the "Ohne Gentechnik" Production and Certification Standard. If a company or commodity is certified to one of these recognised standards, no additional VLOG certification is required to benefit from the advantages of VLOG certification (e.g. low risk classification of the feed/food).

Companies certified to equivalent recognised standards can also apply for a license for the "Ohne GenTechnik" and "VLOG geprüft" seals. Proof of recognised certification to VLOG and VLOG customers as well as VLOG auditors is provided via

the respective certificate

any necessary additional documents and

the clear marking of the accompanying documents.

The existing certification is reviewed annually by VLOG.

Here you will find a list of all standards recognised as equivalent and the additional requirements that may apply depending on the area of activity:

Standards recognised as equivalent (01 January 2023)