Why become a VLOG member?

VLOG represents the interests of the GMO-free producing and retail sector. With a VLOG membership, you can have a say in the fate of the association and work together with other sector stakeholders to represent your interests to politicians and other economic actors.

Only as a VLOG member you can ...

•    … participate in the VLOG General Assembly. It is the highest decision-making body in the association. Every full member has one vote. In addition, all important developments of the association are presented and discussed here. By exercising your voting right and taking part in the opinion-making processes, you can actively influence the fate of VLOG.

•    … participate in important votes and discussions, which are held at the General Assembly, for example:
          - Election of the Board members (every three years)
          - Discharge of the Board for the past financial year
          - Discussion of the budget plans
          - Discussion of the technical and political orientation of the association
          - Changes to the "Ohne Gentechnik" Production and Certification Standard

•    … run for one of the five Board positions.

•    … participate in and shape VLOG working groups.

•    … read the member edition of our newsletter with exclusive information.

•    … attend VLOG professional events at reduced fees.


The political weight of VLOG also depends on the number and importance of its members. With you as a member, we have a better chance of achieving our common goals and ultimately asserting your interests vis-à-vis politicians and other parts of the economy.

We ensure that the interests of the GMO-free producing industry and retail sector in Germany are well represented. Through our membership in the European Non-GMO Industry Association (ENGA), we also ensure our representation in Brussels and influence on EU authorities and politics. This is particularly important when it comes to the topic of genetic engineering, as many decisions are made at EU level.

In addition, VLOG provides a platform for professional exchange around "Ohne Gentechnik" production and labelling. Our membership fees are fairly structured and at an affordable level.

Are you part of the "Ohne Gentechnik" value chain? Then take the opportunity to take control of your economic destiny through a VLOG membership!

Have we awakened your interest? We look forward to hear from you!


VLOG Membership Application (01 October 2022)

VLOG Membership Fee Schedule (01 October 2022)

VLOG Articles of Association (06 July 2022)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Email: info(at)ohnegentechnik(dot)org

Tel: +49 30 2359 945 00 


FAQ VLOG membership

In general, any individual and any business can become a VLOG member. The purpose of the association is to inform consumers on  the subject of food without genetic engineering within the meaning of consumer protection. The members have to support this.

Our members are farmers, processors, marketers, food and feed producers, trading businesses, laboratories and certification bodies, as well as associations.

22 June 2022

The more members VLOG has, the more important its position does get in politics, economics and the media. With your membership, we can engage ourselves even better for GMO-free food production. As a member, you will receive our newsletter with news from the association and articles about current GMO topics. You may participate in the General  Assembly (GA), the highest decision-making body of the association, and help determine the future of VLOG. Every third year, the GA elects its executive board. You may also participate  in various work groups. We are happy to give you expert advice on “Ohne Gentechnik” production and support you in handling questions from consumers and the media.

22 June 2022

Membership fees are staggered based on branches and annual revenue and start at 30 euro per year for individuals. The fee schedule gives detailed information.

22 June 2022

Membership and use of the seal are not linked. Who uses licenses for the "Ohne GenTechnik" or "VLOG geprüft" seal does not have to be a VLOG member. On the contrary, not every member is also a licensee. Nevertheless, most licensees are also VLOG members.The uniform seal promises maximum recognition by the consumer and, as a member, you profit from VLOG’s strong and expert representation of your interests. The uniform seal promises the greatest consumer recognition, and as a member, you have a dedicated and knowledgeable advocacy group in VLOG.

22 June 2022