Recognition procedure for certifiers

To be recognized as a certification body by VLOG, the following steps are necessary:

The certification body ...

... submits to VLOG by mail the application for VLOG recognition and the related documents/evidence according to the "Guideline for certification bodies, auditors, evaluators and certifiers" in German or English.

... submits to VLOG by mail the original signed Certification Body Recognition Agreement in duplicate.

The VLOG ...

... examines the submitted documents and informs the applicant certification body about the result of the examination.

... sends a version of the Certification Body Recognition Contract countersigned by VLOG back to the certification body in case of recognition.

assigns a certification body-specific VLOG recognition number and includes the certification body in the list of certification bodies recognized by VLOG.

The VLOG recognition is subject to a fee for the certification bodies. The annual fee for the recognition can be found in the VLOG fee schedule for recognitions and registrations.