Applying for certification  

To register for VLOG certification, please contact one of our recognized certification bodies. The certification bodies carry out the certification according to VLOG Standard.

Between the standard giver VLOG and the company to be certified, a free contract (Standard User Agreement) has to be concluded, which regulates the use of the VLOG Standard. This contract, when signed by both parties, will be presented by the company during the audit or sent to the certification body. Please make sure to conclude it in time. Only then can your certification body issue a VLOG certificate.

Please send the original signed copy of the Standard User Agreement in duplicate to the VLOG office for countersignature. The VLOG ID will be issued by VLOG.

Standard Usage Agreement, latest version (formerly Certification Agreement)

Master data sheet, writable version

In the following document you will find an overview of the steps of certification, the different types of certification in the VLOG system, also information about seal usage and membership is briefly summarized:

VLOG certification information (23 October 2020) (in german language)