Participate NOW in EU consultation on new genetic engineering!

- Until 22 July 2022, every individual and every business can participate in the EU consultation on the planned new genetic engineering regulation. Especially companies from the "Ohne Gentechnik" (Non-GMO) sector should definitely take advantage of this opportunity.

EU Commission on a deregulation course

The EU Commission seems to be strongly biased towards genetic engineering deregulation. This shows also in the nature of the questions in the current consultation process. It is therefore all the more important that as many businesses as possible from the "Ohne Gentechnik" sector participate and make it clear to the Commission that deregulation would pose a massive threat to substantial sectors of the economy.

Support German policy on the right track

Several representatives from the German government and parliamentary groups have emphasized that they want to support the continuation of transparency, mandatory labeling and freedom of choice for consumers. As did, for example, State Secretary Silvia Bender of the Ministry of Agriculture, at the VLOG ’General Assembly 2022, and Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke in June at an event organised by her Ministry in Brussels. Politicians from the SPD and the Greens also spoke in favor of genetic engineering during a debate in the Bundestag at the end of June. But Traffic Light Coalition partner FDP and the opposition CDU favor deregulation.

EU Commission needs first-hand feedback

This is another reason why it is so important that the EU Commission learns first-hand from as many affected companies as possible what destructive potential the envisaged deregulation would have for a successful economic sector. Therefore, VLOG is asking its members to take the time to participate directly in this consultation on an individual basis.

ENGA assists in answering the questions

Because of the biased and sometimes complex nature of the questions, answering the questionnaire is not trivial. "Ohne Gentechnik" businesses can seek advice on this from Heike Moldenhauer, Secretary General of the European Non-GMO Industry Association (ENGA).

ENGA contact address: info(at)enga(dot)org

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Bundestag debate on genetic engineering on 22 June 2022 (in German)

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