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VLOG Newsletter 04/21 .:. August


Dear readers,

In just under eight weeks, there will be a general election in Germany. The topic of genetic engineering in food and agriculture plays an important role for many voters, as a recent survey commissioned by VLOG has shown. The attitude towards the regulation of new genetic engineering is remarkably clear across all party camps.

All the relevant parties have now presented their election programs. All of them address the issue of genetic engineering on fields and plates, although not always under their clear names.

In the meantime, the food retail sector has made a gratifyingly clear commitment to the regulation and labeling of new genetic engineering. The initiative of several major retailers for better animal husbandry methods also means less GMO in animal feed.

And even beyond the big politics, we have some important news to report.

We wish you an interesting reading!
Your VLOG team

"Bundestag" elections: Almost two-thirds oppose easing of genetic engineering rules

Nearly two-thirds of German voters (65 percent) oppose easing the rules for approval and labeling of plants derived from new genetic engineering techniques such as CRISPR. This was the result of a representative survey commissioned by VLOG. For 43 percent of respondents, the issue of genetic engineering in the field and on the plate plays an important role in the 2021 German federal elections [Bundestagswahl], and for 22 percent it is even "very important."

3:3 on genetic engineering in "Bundestag" election manifestos

Genetic engineering is a topic in all the manifestos of the parties represented in the German Parliament [Bundestag] - mostly by exact term, sometimes also slightly veiled. Three of them are against genetic engineering on fields and plates and support regulating new technologies such as CRISPR, while three more or less clearly support its use and deregulation.

German Retailers Association BVLH calls for regulation and detection methods for new genetic engineering

The National Association of German Food Retailers (Bundesverband des Deutschen Lebensmittelhandels - BVLH) has now commented even twice on the subject of new genetic engineering: it is calling on the upcoming German government to focus vigorously on detection procedures. In view of the recently presented report of the EU Commission, it is clearly against deregulation.

Aldi Initiative: More animal welfare also means less GMO

Aldi has announced that by 2030 it will only offer fresh meat from husbandry categories 3 and 4. In addition to better husbandry, more space and outdoor exercise, this also means more "Ohne Gentechnik“ [Non-GMO]. This is because only non-GMO feed is allowed from husbandry category 3 and up. REWE and Edeka have announced that they will follow Aldi's example.

"Future commission“ supports regulation of new genetic engineering

The Commission for the Future of Agriculture ("Zukunftskommission Landwirtschaft" - ZKL) emphasizes the great importance of GMO-free production in Germany and freedom of choice for consumers and calls for the regulation of new genetic engineering methods such as CRISPR, including risk assessment and approval, taking into account the precautionary principle.

"Ohne Gentechnik" umbrella organization ENGA grows

The new European umbrella organization of the European "Non-GMO" sector ENGA (European Non-GMO Industry Association) has already gained seven new members since its foundation. Further companies and associations who care about transparency and freedom of choice in GMO-free matters and who want to exert direct influence in Brussels, where the decisive course of GMO policy is set, are welcome!

Changeover: "Ohne GenTechnik" to become a certification mark

The "Ohne GenTechnik" seal will be changed to the new brand category "Gewährleistungsmarke" ["certification mark"] for independent standard issuers. All "Ohne GenTechnik" licensees will be asked to sign a new license agreement for this purpose. They have already been informed directly.

Checklist for audit preparation feed production

The newly created "Checklist for the preparation of a VLOG audit of the feed manufacture stage" can now be found in addition to the checklist for the agriculture stage in the download area of the VLOG standard, at "Further documents/Instructions/Tools/" in the subitem "Feed and Agriculture". Further, the preparations for both VLOG audits are graphically presented in short "Simple Show" explanatory videos in an entertaining way.

Update of the VLOG Standard

On 01 September 2021 we will publish a new version of the VLOG Standard, which will become mandatory as of 01 January 2022. The current version 20.02 is valid since the beginning of the year 2021.


ANUGA - global trade fair for the food and beverage industry

09 - 13 October 2021: Trade Fair Cologne

You will find the VLOG stand at the BVLH Retailforum in the central boulevard in front of exhibition hall 4.

Webinar ProTerra

04 November 2021: Update on the EU Commission's study on new genomic techniques

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