"Bundestag" elections: Almost two-thirds oppose easing of genetic engineering rules

- Nearly two-thirds of German voters (65 percent) oppose easing the rules for approval and labeling of plants derived from new genetic engineering techniques such as CRISPR. This was the result of a representative survey commissioned by VLOG. For 43 percent of respondents, the issue of genetic engineering in the field and on the plate plays an important role in the 2021 German federal elections [Bundestagswahl], and for 22 percent it is even "very important."

At 57 percent, the importance of the issue is greatest for potential voters of the Greens Party. It is noteworthy that the rejection of relaxations for new genetic engineering, as recently also proposed by the EU Commission, predominates among supporters of all parties. Even among those who want to vote for the (liberal) FDP, 49 percent are against genetic engineering deregulation and only 40 percent are in favor - even though the party advocates it in its election program. Left Party supporters are most strongly opposed to relaxation of genetic engineering approval and labeling, at 75 percent.

German voters give EU Commission a clear rebuff

"German voters are giving a clear rebuff to the EU Commission's plans for genetic engineering deregulation. They thus impressively confirm the recent statements and initiatives of the German food retail sector on this issue," explains VLOG Managing Director Alexander Hissting. "The parties and parliamentary groups in the new "Bundestag" must take this seriously and align their policies accordingly. Our survey also shows that genetic engineering on fields and plates is still an important issue for very many people, also with a view to the "Bundestag" elections."

Representative Civey poll

The opinion research company Civey was commissioned by the German Association for Food without Genetic Engineering (VLOG) e.V. to survey 2,500 people between July 30 and 31, 2021, on the questions "In your opinion, should the rules for the approval and labeling of plants from new genetic engineering methods (e.g. CRISPR) be relaxed?" and "How important is the topic of 'genetic engineering in food and agriculture' to you in the 2021 'Bundestag' elections?" The results are representative of the German population aged 18 and older. The statistical error of the overall results is 3.3 percent.

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