German Retailers Association BVLH calls for regulation and detection methods for new genetic engineering

- The National Association of German Food Retailers (Bundesverband des Deutschen Lebensmittelhandels - BVLH) has now commented even twice on the subject of new genetic engineering: it is calling on the upcoming German government to focus vigorously on detection procedures. In view of the recently presented report of the EU Commission, it is clearly against deregulation.

New German government should quickly provide detection methods

The BVLH has published its ten demands for the German federal elections on its new special website "" [i.e. food-for-germany]. One of them is "Rapid provision of detection methods for new genetic engineering". The association, which represents all the major food retailers in Germany, writes: "The new German government must continue to campaign vigorously at EU level for the development and provision of detection methods for products that have been obtained using new genetic engineering. This important prerequisite for the labeling and traceability of such products ensures consumers have a choice and can make their own responsible purchasing decisions."

Food Retail Sector with clear rejection to deregulation efforts

In addition, the BVLH has revised its position paper on the subject following the presentation of the EU Commission's report on new genetic engineering and has given a clear rejection to the deregulation efforts suggested therein. Literally, the new passage reads: "In view of the EU Commission's announcement that it will undertake a review of European genetic engineering law in the course of the study, considerations are being voiced to create separate regulations for specific technologies and areas of application that may also be possible in natural processes. The retail industry continues to see the precautionary principle, specifications for traceability as well as labeling, and thus freedom of choice for the consumer, as cornerstones of a possible new regulation as well."

"I am pleased with these clear words. The German Food Retail Industry will not be swayed by the EU Commission and continues to represent clearly the wishes of its customers for clear regulation and labeling, including of new genetic engineering. This appeal of an important economic sector must not be ignored," comments VLOG Managing Director Alexander Hissting, "and, at the latest, the new German government must do the homework of its predecessors and finally bring forward the detection methods that have been delayed for far too long."

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