"Ohne Gentechnik" umbrella organization ENGA grows

- The new European umbrella organization of the European "Ohne Gentechnik" [Non-GMO] sector ENGA (European Non-GMO Industry Association) has already gained seven new members since its foundation. Further companies and associations who care about transparency and freedom of choice in GMO-free matters and who want to exert direct influence in Brussels, where the decisive course of GMO policy is set, are welcome!

After the two founding members VLOG from Germany and ARGE Gentechnik-frei from Austria, these seven companies and associations have now become ENGA members: Verein Donau Soja, ProTerra Foundation, Impetus GmbH & Co. Bioscience KG, Raiffeisen Kraftfutterwerk Kehl GmbH, SaluVet GmbH, Bäuerliche Erzeugergemeinschaft Schwäbisch Hall and Upländer Bauernmolkerei GmbH.

Harmonization of national standards and regulation of new genetic engineering

As the European lobby group for the national "Ohne Gentechnik" industries, ENGA is campaigning for uniform legal rules and harmonization of European control standards for "Ohne Gentechnik" labeling of food and feed. A uniform European standard would benefit traders and manufacturers, for whom the current patchwork of nationally different production and control standards complicates cross-border trade of "Ohne Gentechnik" products so far.

A further central concern of ENGA is currently to ensure that products of new genetic engineering are also subject to an approval procedure with safety testing and transparent labeling.

Further companies and associations welcome as members

Companies and associations that rely on the established "Ohne Gentechnik" quality standard as an important market factor with increasing demand are welcome to support this important work through ENGA membership. More information is available on the ENGA website and in the ENGA newsletter, which can be subscribed to there.

ENGA (European Non-GMO Industry Association)