Anuga 2021: Great potential for "Ohne Gentechnik" pork and beef

- "Ohne GenTechnik" [Non-GMO] has become the almost universal standard for dairy products within just a decade, accounting for a good three-quarters of the total. The majority of chickens, turkeys and other poultry in Germany are now also fed GMO-free, so that eggs and poultry meat are around two-thirds "Ohne Gentechnik". For beef and pork, the proportion has so far been significantly lower. But that is likely to change soon.

Several large food retailers such as Aldi, Lidl, Rewe and Edeka have announced that they will gradually convert their fresh meat range to higher husbandry levels over the next few years. In addition to greater animal welfare, this also means less genetic engineering, because GMO-free feeding is also part of the program for husbandry levels 3 and 4.

Convincing overall package: "Ohne Gentechnik" diamond plus husbandry level labeling

"As a result of the animal welfare initiatives, the proportion of GMO-free products will also automatically increase sharply for pork and beef," explained VLOG Managing Director Alexander Hissting at the Anuga food trade fair in Cologne, Germany. "Better animal husbandry and GMO-free together are a convincing, sustainable overall package for customers, especially if it is clearly recognizable as such. That's why the use of the green 'Ohne GenTechnik' diamond has clear added value in addition to the husbandry method label."

Tegut: pioneer in "Ohne GenTechnik" pork and beef fresh meat

At the Tegut supermarket chain, animal welfare and "Ohne Gentechnik" have belonged together for some time and are also clearly labeled. Fritz Konz is head of quality and environment at Tegut and explains: "Tegut is one of the pioneers in 'Ohne Gentechnik' beef and pork. From the very beginning, GMO-free feeding and animal welfare clearly belong together for us, just as they do for our customers. We are pleased and also a little proud if we have triggered a trend that will ultimately lead to 'Ohne GenTechnik' becoming the basic standard for beef and pork in a few years' time, as it already is for dairy products".

For the credibility of quality seals such as "Ohne Gentechnik", it is important that they are based on independent certification. With the VLOG seals 'Ohne GenTechnik' for food and 'VLOG geprüft' for feed, there is already a well-functioning and established system that businesses can use. The current ANUGA trade fair in Cologne offers a special opportunity to talk about this with VLOG experts.

VLOG will be present at ANUGA from October 9-13, 2021, both on-site and in the new digital format "ANUGA@home." The VLOG stand is part of the BVLH Retail Forum and can be found on the Cologne exhibition grounds in the Boulevard, stand number 045. Info on all trade fair formats is available at We look forward to your visit on site or online!