Greens committed to ‘Ohne Gentechnik’

- In their new party manifesto, the Greens support the current EU GMO regulation with risk assessment of GM products prior to market approval. VLOG welcomes the fact that the Greens continue to commit to GMO-free agriculture, the precautionary principle, freedom of choice, transparency and mandatory labeling for GMO foods.

This corresponds to the wishes of the vast majority of consumers, and it is an indispensable basis for the successful "Ohne Gentechnik" (Non GMO) food industry. The deregulation of "new" genetic engineering such as CRISPR demanded by some Green party members received a clear thumbs-down at the party convention. Instead, it was decided by a large majority to strengthen research into risk assessment and detection methods - which is urgently needed to clarify the risks of new genetic engineering that have not yet been investigated, and to continue to guarantee labeling and GMO free food and feed. As in the party's previous resolutions, freedom of research should continue to apply to genetic engineering in the future.

VLOG statement "Grüne stehen zu „Ohne Gentechnik" (German)