Changeover: "VLOG verified" to become a certification mark

- The "VLOG geprüft"/"VLOG verified" seal will be changed to the new brand category "Gewährleistungsmarke" ["certification mark"] for independent standard issuers, just like the "Ohne GenTechnik" [Non GMO] seal. All "VLOG verified" licensees will be asked to sign a new license agreement for this purpose. They have already been informed directly.

Previously, the "VLOG verified" seal was protected as an "individual mark". However, the "certification mark", which was recently created specifically for quality seals, is a much better fit and offers, among other things, greater legal certainty. The conditions for seal users do not change as a result of the changeover; the value and legal status of the seal are actually improved.

Over 5 years of the "VLOG verified" seal

The "VLOG verified" seal has been protected under trademark law by word and figurative marks. VLOG assigns exclusive licenses for the use of the seal. The seal was registered as an individual mark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) more than 5 years ago.

Certification mark stands for transparency, neutrality and legal certainty

In 2019, the new "certification mark" category was created specifically for the assignment of quality seals or test marks such as the "VLOG verified" seal. It is characterized by particular transparency, neutrality and extensive verification and monitoring obligations for the trademark owner. VLOG takes this as an opportunity to register the "VLOG verified" seal with the EUIPO as a certification trademark.

Transitional period in new license agreements

The license to the existing individual marks in the new license agreements will continue until they are replaced with the registration of the certification mark in the trademark register. This transitional arrangement in the new license agreement means that it is not necessary to amend the license agreement with trademark registration again.