Czech and German "Ohne Gentechnik" standards mutually recognized

- After a year of intensive detailed work, the Czech feed association SKK and VLOG have reached an agreement on the mutual recognition of their "Ohne Gentechnik" standards. This is an important step for cross-border trade, for German and Czech producers - and also for consumers.

The "Ohne Gentechnik" seal on a product means that it is produced without genetically modified food and feed ingredients. Quite simple, really. But behind it there are a lot of detailed regulations about certification, controls, feeding periods and much more. Unfortunately, there are no uniform EU requirements for this, so that GMO-free seals from different countries are not easily compatible - much to the annoyance of consumers, manufacturers and retailers. "Ohne Gentechnik" products from one country may not automatically be sold in another country with the corresponding local seal. Many important details were adapted to the VLOG Standard in the SKK Standard as a result of this agreement. It will facilitate cross-border trade in feed, raw materials and finished products.

EU policy fails to ensure uniform regulations

"Unfortunately, the EU legislation is not fulfilling its task of ensuring uniform regulations for 'Ohne Gentechnik' labeling. It is therefore all the more important that private sector agreements are reached between standard issuers wherever this is legally possible," comments VLOG Managing Director Alexander Hissting, "the agreement with SKK is a win-win result. We hope to promote 'Ohne Gentechnik' production in the Czech Republic and thus further improve the availability of 'Ohne Gentechnik' food and suitable feed in Europe. Conversely, German businesses can now also apply for the Czech seal without any complications."

Benefit for manufacturers, retailers and consumers in the Czech Republic and in Germany

Also for consumers it is more transparent and convincing if "Ohne Gentechnik" labels are applied according to uniform criteria in as many countries as possible. In this way, they can be sure that they are getting what they expect from "Ohne Gentechnik" products without having to do extensive research.

VLOG-certified companies can now apply for the use of the Czech "Bez GMO" seal for their certified food and feed products at the SKK. From version 2.0 of the "Bez GMO" Standard (valid from 01 January 2021) certified Czech companies can apply for the "Ohne GenTechnik" and the "VLOG geprüft" seal. More detailed information about the recognition and the areas of recognition can be found in the document "Standards recognized as equivalent". There one can also find information about other standards recognized by VLOG.

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