International Green Week: "Ohne Gentechnik" important for meat substitutes according to survey

- Meat substitutes are booming and will also be in the spotlight at the International Green Week food fair 2023 in Berlin. According to a new study, absence of genetic engineering is at the top of the wish list.

71 percent consider GMO-free products important

71 percent of those who eat meat substitutes attach importance to the fact that they are free of genetically modified ingredients. This was the result of the new "Veggie Study" conducted by Forsa on behalf of the PHW Group. According to the study, "produced without genetic engineering" is the second most important criterion for consumers when it comes to buying tofu and meat-free alternatives, directly after the criterion "contains no palm oil", which is important to 76 percent. According to the survey, the most popular plant-based alternative product is tofu classic, followed by meat-free mince, cold cuts, burgers and schnitzel.

Showing what's not inside with the "Ohne GenTechnik" (Non-GMO) seal

"People who choose meat substitutes are engaged with their diet and its ecological footprint. So, it is obvious to pay attention to GMO-free products as well," comments VLOG Managing Director Alexander Hissting. "With the 'Ohne GenTechnik' seal, producers and retailers have the opportunity to show their customers that their wish is taken seriously. VLOG gladly supports and advises on GMO-free production, inspection and licensing. It would only be logical if we soon had a similarly high 'Ohne Gentechnik' market share for seitan sausages and soy schnitzel as we currently have for dairy products, poultry and eggs.

The representative Forsa survey with over 1,000 participants from Germany was conducted in October 2022 on behalf of the PHW Group with its vegan brand "Green Legend". Flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans who consume meat substitutes were surveyed.

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