High level of awareness and trust in "Ohne Gentechnik"

- Almost all consumers are familiar with the "Ohne Gentechnik" (Non-GMO) label. Trust in the label is also high, according to a recent study it ranks 5th after the Organic, Vegan, Bioland and Demeter labels.

Graphic: Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e.V.

In the so-called "supported awareness", i.e. when the label is mentioned, "Ohne Gentechnik" comes in at just under 88 percent. For 50 percent, the label enjoys a high or very high level of trust. Only 15 percent trust it a little or very little.

"These are very pleasing figures. However, the high level of trust in our seal also means a great responsibility both for us as a seal organisation and for German and European politics. In order to be able to continue to label 'Ohne Gentechnik' (Non GMO) reliably, consistently and credibly, it is crucial that there are no exceptions to the legal regulations in the future. The new German government must now lobby for this in Brussels. It would be fatal for the food industry and politics to push GMOs onto people's plates in a non-transparent way," comments the managing director of the German Association for Food without Genetic Engineering (VLOG).

The study, conducted by the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) and the State Initiative for the Food Industry (LI FOOD) in 2021, also asked about trust in a number of new technologies in the food sector. "CRISPR/Cas" came in second to last, even without being explicitly named as genetic engineering. DIL and LI FOOD surveyed 1,029 consumers throughout Germany for the study.

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Study "Consumer trust in food and the players in the food industry".


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