Foodwatch campaign: Genetic engineering must remain identifiable!

- In a new online campaign, the consumer organisation Foodwatch calls on the German Minister of Agriculture Cem Özdemir and the German Minister of the Environment Steffi Lemke to clearly rebuff the EU Commission's plans to deregulate new genetic engineering.

Foodwatch online campaign

Online campaign by Foodwatch

"The EU Commission is already planning to allow 'new' genetic engineering without labeling and safety checks," writes Foodwatch, calling on people to call on Lemke and Özdemir via an online campaign. The German government can prevent the EU Commission's plan if it points out now: "We will not agree to it.

Polyphonic chorus to EU Commission and German government

VLOG Managing Director Alexander Hissting welcomes the Foodwatch campaign: "The German government and the EU Commission must be told very clearly by a many-voiced chorus from all directions how fatal it would be if the current plans of the EU Commission were to succeeed and genetic engineering were to be concealed on the shop shelves in the future. It must be clear to those responsible: Civil society has the issue on its screen. Such a deregulation cannot simply be waved through under the public radar."

Everyone pulling in the same direction on genetic engineering

Foodwatch's commitment is therefore particularly valuable, because the organisation is critical of the food industry in principle, "and that is a good thing, because that is its job. But when it comes to the labeling of genetic engineering, everyone is pulling on the same rope in the interest of consumers and customers, who rightly want to know how their food is produced.

Food retailers also clearly against deregulation

In the "Retailers Resolution" and in joint positions of the Federal Association of the German Food Retailers (BVLH), many German retailers have also clearly spoken out in favour of the continuation of GMO transparency and against the deregulation plans.

Another online petition already has 320,000 supporters

The ongoing joint online petition "Not behind our backs - No free pass for new genetic engineering in our food" of many European environmental, consumer and food associations on the same topic already has about 320,000 supporters.

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