Sufficient feed available: Remaining with the "Ohne Gentechnik" system

- The Bavarian milk producers' organisation Bayern MeG has recommended that its members have milk packaging printed without the "Ohne GenTechnik" (Non-GMO) seal, just in case. But there is no sound reason for this.

In addition, Alexander Hissting, Managing Director of the German Association for Food without Genetic Engineering (VLOG), explains: "The recommendation of the Bayern MeG is not plausible. Currently and in the short to medium run, sufficient volumes of GMO-free rapeseed meal are available. There is no logical reason why this should change particularly this autumn."

Positive signals on availability

And even beyond that, there are positive signals on availability. The latest DRV harvest forecast assumes a rapeseed harvest of 3.9 million tons in Germany this year, i.e. 400,000 tons above the 2020 harvest, which would compensate mathematically for a possible decrease in imports from Ukraine. Imports from Ukraine recently accounted for only about 10 percent of the total volume of rapeseed processed in Germany. And all market experts assume that exports from Ukraine will continue to be significant.

Relevance of "Ohne Gentechnik" could increase

We therefore recommend that all market participants remain with the proven and successful "Ohne Gentechnik" system. The relevance of GMO-free food for consumers could even increase in view of the current debate about new genetic engineering processes.

This is not about availability - it is about prices!

The real motivation for this and alsothe one behind Bayern MeG's statements is likely to be price trends, not availability. Of course, farmers must not be left to bear the additional costs. However, everyone has to struggle with rising prices, whether GMO-free, conventional or organic. The price difference between GMO-free and conventional feeds has recently even decreased in percentage terms."

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