Tegut is first ENGA member from the food retail sector

- The [German] Tegut supermarket chain is the first corporate member from the food retail sector in the new European "Ohne Gentechnik" association ENGA (European Non-GMO Industry Association). This further strengthens the voice of this important economic sector in Brussels.

Tegut CEO Thomas Gutberlet, Photo: Tegut / Jan Potente, Björn Friedrich

Such a development is more important than ever to counter the EU Commission's current plans to deregulate genetic engineering. GM regulation in Europe takes place primarily on the EU level. With ENGA, the "Ohne Gentechnik" industry stays close to politics and administration in the EU capital, can closely accompany the decision-making processes and communicate its interests directly.

For Tegut, ENGA membership is an expression of its philosophy of "responsible retailing with good food". According to the company, it has been striving for sustainable management for almost 75 years and pursues clear goals for the regulation, traceability and labeling of food at the EU level.

Tegut CEO Gutberlet: "Another step towards sustainability"

"With the support of ENGA, we can take another step towards sustainability and continue to bear economic, ecological and social responsibility towards our retailers, suppliers and customers," says Tegut CEO Thomas Gutberlet. "As a food retailer that has been focusing on sustainable, regional and organic food for almost 75 years, this is precisely the approach we want to pursue and drive forward. Because this is the only way we can ensure that we can continue to sell good food to people."

ENGA Secretary General Moldenhauer: "Deregulation would be an enormous economic threat"

ENGA Secretary General Heike Moldenhauer is pleased with the new support: "We need to make it very clear to the EU Commission that, in addition to all the negative effects for the environment and consumers, the genetic engineering deregulation envisaged also represents an enormous economic danger. Both the conventional 'Ohne Gentechnik' sector and the organic sector, which is also GMO-free, are booming and generate billions in sales. All of this would be acutely threatened if GMO-free could no longer be guaranteed reliably."

ENGA introduces these interests actively into EU processes. To secure the future of "Ohne Gentechnik," it is essential that responsible players become aware of the importance of this concern. In addition, ENGA is committed to the continuous EU-wide improvement and harmonization of the "Ohne Gentechnik" rules. In doing so, the association relies on the support of all stakeholders from the retail, agricultural, food and feed industries as it looks forward to welcoming additional new members.

Lebensmittelzeitung: Tegut becomes supporting member of ENGA (in German)

Press release: Tegut becomes the first food retailer to become a supporting member of the European Non-GMO Industry Association (ENGA) (in German)

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